Energy over Ethernet (PoE) Change Provides Superior Community and

In the world of networking, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has transformed the way devices are powered and connected to the network. With the introduction of PoE, devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones can be powered through the Ethernet cable, providing both power and data over a single cable.

PoE has been in use for over a decade, and its benefits are well-established. However, recent advancements in PoE technology have led to a new generation of PoE, known as PoE+. This new technology provides greater power delivery and enhanced performance, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure.

What is PoE+?

PoE+ is an upgraded version of PoE that provides higher power delivery capabilities, allowing devices to consume more power than the original PoE standard. PoE+ can deliver up to 30 watts of power per port, which is more than enough to power high-performance devices like pan-tilt-zoom cameras and high-end wireless access points.

In addition to higher power delivery, PoE+ also includes features like improved power management, better fault tolerance, and more efficient power usage. These features make PoE+ a more reliable and efficient technology for powering devices and building networks.

Benefits of PoE+ in Networking

PoE+ has numerous benefits that make it an ideal technology for businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure. Here are some of the most significant benefits of PoE+:

  1. Cost savings: By delivering both power and data over a single cable, PoE+ reduces the need for additional power outlets and electrical wiring, resulting in significant cost savings.
  2. Flexibility: PoE+ provides greater flexibility in network design, allowing devices to be placed in locations that are not easily accessible to power outlets. This flexibility makes it easier to deploy devices and build networks in challenging environments.
  3. Efficiency: PoE+ is a more efficient technology that reduces power waste and helps businesses save on energy costs.
  4. Scalability: PoE+ can be easily scaled to accommodate the growing needs of businesses, allowing them to add more devices and expand their network infrastructure without the need for additional power outlets.


In conclusion, PoE+ is a powerful and efficient technology that provides numerous benefits to businesses looking to enhance their network infrastructure. With its higher power delivery capabilities, improved power management, and better fault tolerance, PoE+ is an ideal choice for powering high-performance devices and building scalable and reliable networks. Businesses that want to take advantage of these benefits should consider upgrading to PoE+ and reaping the benefits of this superior technology.

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