SushiSwap: Router processor bug causes lack of tens of millions, particulars inside

SushiSwap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, recently encountered a significant bug in its router processor, resulting in a lack of tens of millions of dollars. The incident occurred on April 28, 2023, at approximately 12:00 AM GMT, and the exchange is currently working on resolving the issue.

What happened?

The router processor bug allowed an attacker to manipulate the exchange’s smart contracts, causing a lack of funds from various liquidity pools. This affected the exchange’s trading pairs, which resulted in a drop in prices and a lack of trading volume.

According to SushiSwap’s official statement, the attack was carried out by a skilled hacker who exploited a vulnerability in the router processor’s code. The exchange is currently investigating the incident and has promised to provide updates as more information becomes available.

What is SushiSwap?

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade various cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized authority. Instead, the exchange operates through a network of smart contracts that automate the trading process.

SushiSwap’s popularity has grown significantly over the past year due to its innovative features and low trading fees. The exchange’s native token, SUSHI, has also seen a surge in value, making it an attractive investment option for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

What does this mean for SushiSwap users?

The incident has resulted in a lack of funds from various liquidity pools, which has affected the exchange’s trading pairs. This means that users may experience delays or difficulties when attempting to trade on the platform.

Furthermore, the drop in prices and trading volume may also affect the value of SUSHI, which could result in losses for investors who hold the token.

SushiSwap has assured its users that it is working to resolve the issue and that the platform will be back to normal as soon as possible. However, it is essential for users to remain cautious and monitor their investments closely during this time.


The router processor bug that caused a lack of tens of millions of dollars in SushiSwap highlights the importance of robust security measures in the cryptocurrency industry. While decentralized exchanges offer many benefits, they are also vulnerable to cyberattacks, and it is crucial for exchanges to implement effective security protocols to protect their users’ funds.

SushiSwap’s response to the incident has been swift and transparent, which is commendable. However, it is important for the exchange to take steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As for SushiSwap users, it is crucial to remain vigilant and monitor the situation closely. While the exchange is working to resolve the issue, it is important to exercise caution and be prepared for potential losses.

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